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2009 ASTIN Colloquium

20 lutego 2009 roku

The Finnish actuarial profession is happy to organize the 39th ASTIN Colloquium. These international colloquia have been very successful annual events for non-life actuaries and I expect this Colloquium to continue the series. It provides a comprehensive scientific program with topical issues like the use of internal models and Solvency 2. I am sure that the social programme will please you. Remember that the Nordic summer starts to be at its best just in the beginning of June, the time of the Colloquium. I wish you cordially welcome to Helsinki.

Jukka Rantala, Chairman of ASTIN 2009

The upcoming 2009 ASTIN Colloquium is approaching. Mark your calendars. Please note that there is a discounted registration for registration before March 1. I hope to see you there. It promises to be a very enjoyable meeting.

Harry Panjer, Chairman, ASTIN

PZU stawia na zdolnych aktuariuszy

20 lutego 2009 roku

Zakończyła się trzecia edycja Konkursu PZU SA na najlepszą pracę magisterską i doktorską z dziedziny aktuarialnej. Jest to jedno z nielicznych przedsięwzięć promujących ten zawód w Polsce. Konkurs PZU SA ułatwia karierę przyszłym aktuariuszom i otwiera nowe możliwości osobom, które już posiadają licencje.

Szczegóły na stronie po kliknięciu tematu wiadomości.

The Workshop on Copula Theory and its Applications

16 lutego 2009 roku

The Workshop on Copula Theory and its Applications will be held in Warsaw in the days 25-26 September 2009. If you plan to present a talk in Warsaw, we invite you to send an email to worcotha@mimuw.edu.pl including a short abstract (not later than 1st May 2009). The abstract instructions are available at the page “Abstract Submission” of the web portal of the workshop http://worcotha.mimuw.edu.pl . The Scientific Committee will inform you about the acceptance of your contribution not later than 1st June 2009.

The workshop will be preceded by the Short Course “Joint Extremes, Copulae and CDO Valuation”, 24 September 2009 (for details see the page “Short Course” at the web portal of the workshop http://worcotha.mimuw.edu.pl ).

In order to register for the Workshop and Short Course please complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM (please visit the page “Registration” at the web portal of the workshop http://worcotha.mimuw.edu.pl) and pay the participation fee 350 PLN for the Workshop, 300 PLN for the Short Course, which should be payable by bank transfer, prior to the workshop and the course. After 25th August the fees will be increased by 50 PLN. The participation fee of the workshop includes the social dinner (but not the accommodation).

We hope to meet you in Warsaw in September.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee Piotr Jaworski

Seminar, on the theme "Bridging the gap between academic knowledge and professional practice"

13 lutego 2009 roku

The Groupe Consultatif and the IAA are holding a joint Education Seminar in Tallinn, Estonia on 27/28 May 2009.

IAA's statement on a global risk management framework

11 lutego 2009 roku

The IAA has released a public statement on a global risk management framework to improve financial governance and help prevent future financial crises.

The document entitled ”Dealing with Predictable Irrationality – Actuarial Ideas to Strengthen Global Financial Risk Management” is available on the IAA website (www.actuaries.org), under “Hot Topics” on the homepage, or under What’s New or with the direct link to the public statement: http://www.actuaries.org/CTTEES_TFRISKCRISIS/Documents/


This statement was developed in accordance with the Terms of Reference of the Advisory Task Force on Risk Crisis, and targets the Financial Stability Forum, governments, regulators and major financial institutions focusing on the potential contribution of the actuarial profession to the management of risk in the financial services sector.

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