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Report on Convergence 2008 and Roadmap on Convergence for 2009

12 maja 2009 roku

CEIOPS has today (11 May) published their Report on Convergence 2008 and Roadmap on Convergence for 2009.

The Report on Convergence 2008 offers an overview of CEIOPS’ achievements in respect of the ECOFIN Roadmap on convergence during 2008. It describes CEIOPS’ main convergence related achievements of 2008 and a summary of the status of work undertaken by CEIOPS to implement the ECOFIN conclusions.

The Roadmap on Convergence 2009 presents the different CEIOPS work streams for 2009, in the light of ECOFIN’s Conclusions, the G20 Recommendations and the revised Decision of the Commission establishing CEIOPS. The Roadmap will be regularly updated to reflect the status of CEIOPS’ work in response to the emergence of requests at the political level.

Both documents are available on the Groupe’s web site at http://www.gcactuaries.org/index.html

Seminar - Life insurance in the CEE marketplace: How do we move forward?

30 kwietnia 2009 roku

Szczegóły na stronie po kliknięciu tematu wiadomości

IAA LIFE COLLOQUIUM 7-9 wrzesień 2009, Monachium

16 kwietnia 2009 roku

Informujemy, że we wrześniu odbędzie się IAA LIFE COLLOQUIUM. Więcej informacji na stronie www.life2009.de


13 marca 2009 roku

IAA LIFE COLLOQUIUM 7-9 SEPTEMBER 2009, MUNICH: Beyond Traditional Life Insurance

We would like to draw your attention to the 3rd IAA LIFE Colloquium taking place in Munich from September 7 through 9, 2009 (and being followed by the 19th International AFIR Colloquium from September 9 through 11, 2009). The Colloquium is under the patronage of the International Actuarial Association (IAA) and hosted by the German Actuarial Association DAV (Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung e.V.).

Bringing together actuaries from varied disciplines, the Colloquium offers a unique chance for academics and practitioners alike to keep up to date with the rapid changes occurring in the fields of life insurance and the management of financial risks.

Under the heading ”Beyond Traditional Life Insurance” we invite authors to submit papers on any actuarial subject relevant to life insurance mathematics for presentation at the 3rd IAA LIFE Colloquium in Munich, 2009. The Scientific Committee welcomes “standard” scientific papers, working papers written by national or international task forces and working parties as well as papers coming from practitioners describing open problems that might benefit from further scientific analysis.

The principal scientific themes of the Colloquium are:

1. Biometric risks and their securitisation

2. Designing life insurance products

3. Life insurance and financial markets

4. Solvency, accounting and the evaluation of life insurance business

We are proud to present the following Invited Speakers:

- David Blake (Cass Business School, City University London)

- Marcus Christiansen (University of Rostock)

- Michel Denuit (Catholic University of Louvain)

- Norbert Heinen (former president of DAV, B&W Deloitte)

- Annamaria Olivieri (University of Parma) Paul Sharma (Financial Services Authority, London)

Panel Discussion

On September 8 there will be a panel discussion on “Life Insurance and Financial Markets” for which David Blake (Cass Business School, City University London, Joe Guastella (Deloitte, New York), Gerhard Rupprecht (Allianz SE) and Thomas Steffen (Chairman of CEIOPS) have already confirmed their participation. Further renowned panellists are expected to take part.

Submission of Contributed Talks

1. Submissions (written in English or French) should contain

- Full name, affiliation, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number

- Title, indication of principal scientific theme (see above), keywords

-An up to one page abstract explaining the main ideas of the contribution (pdf)

2. Submissions should be e-mailed to lifescientific@aktuar.de. Abstracts must reach us no later than March 31, 2009.

A significant discount regarding the registration fees is available for accepted speakers:

LIFE or AFIR (without Social Programme)

Students / Undergraduates 0 €

Teaching Assistants / Research Assistants 90 €

Professors / Delegates 200 €

LIFE or AFIR (with Social Programme)

Students / Undergraduates 255 €

Teaching Assistants / Research Assistants 345 €

Professors / Delegates 455 €

Contacts and Information:

- Conference Website: www.life2009.de

- LIFE Scientific Committee: lifescientific@aktuar.de

- Conference Organizer: afirlife2009@aktuar.de

Hartmut Milbrodt

Chairman, Scientific Committee

2009 ASTIN Colloquium

20 lutego 2009 roku

The Finnish actuarial profession is happy to organize the 39th ASTIN Colloquium. These international colloquia have been very successful annual events for non-life actuaries and I expect this Colloquium to continue the series. It provides a comprehensive scientific program with topical issues like the use of internal models and Solvency 2. I am sure that the social programme will please you. Remember that the Nordic summer starts to be at its best just in the beginning of June, the time of the Colloquium. I wish you cordially welcome to Helsinki.

Jukka Rantala, Chairman of ASTIN 2009

The upcoming 2009 ASTIN Colloquium is approaching. Mark your calendars. Please note that there is a discounted registration for registration before March 1. I hope to see you there. It promises to be a very enjoyable meeting.

Harry Panjer, Chairman, ASTIN

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