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Polskie Stowarzyszenie Aktuariuszy - Herb Stowarzyszenia Wersja Polska


The Polish Society of Actuaries, a professional organization of Polish actuaries, was establish in its present form in 1991. The Polish Society of Actuaries stressed its desire to continue the traditions of the Polish Institute of Actuaries which was created in Warsaw in 1920 soon after the country regained its independence after World War I and which was active until World War II. The aim of the Institute was to promote actuarial science and to form a solid basis for actuarial training and research. The first president of the Institute, Dr Samuel Dickstein, was a professor at Warsaw

University. In 1920, the Institute published the first set of professional guidelines for actuaries working in Poland and outlined the principles of actuarial education. In 1922, the Institute began publication of Wiadomości Aktuarialne, the first Polish scientific journal devoted solely to problems of insurance mathematics, which appeared, with interruption, until World War II. Polish actuaries participated in actuarial congresses and Poland was one of the 17 European member countries in the International Actuarial Association (IAA).

World War II interrupted these developments, but the tradition of actuarial research and high professional standards were very important as they made it possible for Poland to continue some form of cooperation with international actuarial bodies. The monopolistic nature of Polish insurance between 1945 and late 1980s successfully eliminated any form of competition, while the state control did not promote actuarial professionalism. The Polish Institute of Actuaries was never reestablished after World War II, the word ‘actuary’ disappeared from Polish encyclopaedias.

After half a century of both neglect and purposeful destruction, the recreation of the actuarial profession in Poland was not an easy task. With the fall of communist system, a new insurance law came into force on July 28, 1990. It took into account laws in European Community countries and required insurance companies to go through licensing process and provide business plans before establishing operations as well as using ‘an expert in insurance mathematics, finances, and statistics (an actuary)’. However, the country had not a single licensed actuary at that time. As the new insurance law was being prepared, in July 1990, the first intensive summer courses in actuarial science were organized in Warsaw. They were requested by the Polish Ministry of Finance, which also acted as the insurance supervisory authority in Poland. The school is still in operation as an annual event as a continuing education program for actuaries from Poland and other Eastern European countries.

The insurance company regulation of December 27, 1990, consolidated the insurance law of July 28, 1990, and promoted a strong role for actuaries in insurance company management. A group of students of the first summer courses in 1990 decided to form a support group to promote the actuarial profession as well as actuarial education and research. One year later, as a direct result of the 1991 summer school, the idea of creating a truly professional organization crystallized, and after discussion, the founding law, Statut, was adopted and submitted for registration. On August 9, 1991 the Polish Society of Actuaries was registered. The first elected president of the Society was Dr Krzysztof Stroiński who held office until 1996 and from 2004 until now.

The Society choose a three level structure of membership: students, associates, and full members (fellows). However, in the interim, because of the small membership, additional privileges were granted to associate members and full eligibility to run for office within the Society was extended to the first level of membership (students). The society adopted examinations and insurance related work experience as requirements for obtaining the associate membership. Qualifying exams were introduced in 1991 and held twice a year. However, in 1996, the state actuarial exams, run by the State Examination Commission, replaced the Society’s exams and the actuarial license given by the state became necessary to sign actuarial reserves in Polish insurance companies.

The Society has established a library with books and journal donations form the Institute of Actuaries and the Faculty of Actuaries.

Nowadays the Polish Society of Actuaries continues to play an important role in promoting the actuarial profession and education, by organizing seminars and supporting the annual summer school activities at Warsaw University.

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