Publikacja: „General insurance: involvement of actuaries in pricing for UK home and motor insurance”

Chcielibyśmy zwrócić uwagę na publikację Instute and Faculty of Actuaries pt. „General insurance: involvement of actuaries in pricing for UK home and motor insurance”, która jest dostępna pod adresem https://www.actuaries.org.uk/system/files/field/document/GI_Thematic_Review_FINAL_0.pdf i może być dla interesujące dla środowiska aktuariuszy w Polsce.

W liście przewodnim do raportu, Alan Marshall (IFoA Review Actuary) pisze: Actuaries have a long history of involvement in the pricing of personal lines business, applying their analytical and technical skills to the assessment of the underlying risks to help their organisations arrive at appropriate premiums.

However, it has not been the sole domain of actuaries, and that remains the case today. Actuaries need to remain relevant and vigilant to change, so that organisations continue to value the benefits and advantages they bring to this important area of work. This includes a strong ethos of innovation, coupled with an ethical foundation through professional standards and guidance.

Pricing is an area where actuaries can directly influence customer outcomes, either in ‘coal-face’ technical roles, or through influencing roles in management or oversight. Different operating models across firms, and the involvement of pricing specialists from other disciplines and backgrounds, means the ultimate responsibility may rest with non-actuaries in any given organisation. It is clear, however, that actuaries still have a role to play in helping the insurance industry change perceptions of the UK home and motor insurance markets so that consumers feel they are fairly treated on price. Our findings are intended to support the continued involvement of actuaries in this key area of work, and help to clarify the important role of the associated actuarial standards and guidance.

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