[Webinar OpenFloor] Actuarial Modeling with GLMs, Credibility and Penalized Regressions

On behalf of Julian Frank from Akur8, the Board of the Polish Actuarial Association has the pleasure to invite its members and members of the CEE actuarial associations to its complimentary „Open Floor” series webinar, „Actuarial Modeling with GLMs, Credibility and Penalized Regressions.”

About the seminar: 

As the working bench of actuaries, traditional GLMs have some inherent limitations. One of them is the seeming inability to incorporate assumptions in a credibility-based fashion. While penalised regressions can be used as an extension of GLM modeling, the background on the connection between penalised regression and credibility is not yet widely know. We will elaborate on the key concepts behind credibility and penalised regression. This will put the practitioner in a position to extend the common GLM-based approach by applying these concepts, such that models can be built faster, more robustly and therefore accommodate additional use cases.

About the speaker: 

Having worked in various actuarial and innovation roles in London and Munich, he is now responsible for the commercial development of CEE for Akur8. With the modern pricing platform Akur8, he and his colleagues are enabling actuaries to focus on interesting questions while delivering better models faster.


When: 23 March 2023 (Thursday) at 17.00 CET, Zoom meeting. 

Duration: the webinar is expected to last 60-70 minutes, including the Q&A.

Technical remarks:

  • The lecture will be held in English.
  • The lecture will be held as webinar, rather than a meeting, therefore the participants won’t be able to turn on their cameras / microphone and share their screens with other attendees.
  • Questions can be asked via the Q&A box (only answered questions will be visible to all attendees).
  • The webinar is free of charge and no registration is required.
  • The webinar is not recorded.