[Webinar OpenFloor] Modelling Management Actions – A key aspect of life company management – 29 June 2023

On behalf of Ed Morgan and Grzegorz Darkiewicz-Moniuszko from Milliman , the Board of the Polish Actuarial Association has the pleasure to invite its members and members of the CEE actuarial associations to its complimentary „Open Floor” series webinar, „Modelling Management Actions – A key aspect of life company management.”

About the seminar: 

In this talk we will discuss the importance of management actions for the efficient running of a life insurance company.  We will discuss what key management actions can be, how they are defined and how they can be modelled.  This theme has become particularly important due to the financial market changes of the last year.

We will illustrate how various aspects of life company strategic decision making can be optimized by modelling of alternative management actions to maximise KPIs.  This could include the Strategic Asset Allocation, duration management and the priority of sales of unrealized losses and gains

We conclude with some observations on how we expect to see practice on management actions develop in the future


About the speakers: 

Ed Morgan is Principal and Head of Strategy and M&A for Milliman’s Practices in Italy and Central & Eastern Europe. He joined Milliman in 1999.

Ed has performed a wide range of actuarial consulting missions for a variety of clients, mainly major European insurers. His experience includes mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting, Solvency II, IFRS 17 ALM, financial management, and product development, as well as strategic consulting. In the past he has served on the boards on several insurance companies. He speaks frequently publicly and has written a number of actuarial papers including one using Solvency II valuation and pricing metrics.

Grzegorz Darkiewicz-Moniuszko is Senior Manager with the Warsaw office of Milliman. He joined the firm in 2011. Grzegorz specializes in risk management, ALM and life insurance. Prior to joining Milliman, he obtained a Ph.D. in Applied Economics at Catholic University of Leuven, and he worked in the risk management department at KBC Group and KBC Asset Management in Belgium.

Grzegorz was involved in a wide range of projects in ALM, risk management, and asset management, covering highly technical aspects of market consistent valuation, risk measurement, and stochastic analysis. Among others, his expertise includes risk management and Solvency II, MCEV, ALM, Replicating portfolios, Economic Scenario Generators, Interest rate modeling and Valuation of structured products.


When: 29 June 2023 (Thursday) at 17.00 CET, Zoom meeting (https://zoom.us/j/94593472129 no password or registration required). 

Duration: the webinar is expected to last 60-70 minutes, including the Q&A.

Technical remarks:

  • The lecture will be held in English.
  • The lecture will be held as webinar, rather than a meeting, therefore the participants won’t be able to turn on their cameras / microphone and share their screens with other attendees.
  • Questions can be asked via the Q&A box (only answered questions will be visible to all attendees).
  • The webinar is free of charge and no registration is required.
  • The webinar is not recorded.