[Webinar OpenFloor] Storytelling for Actuaries

On behalf of Paweł Dygas, the Board of the Polish Actuarial Association has the pleasure to invite its members and members of the CEE actuarial associations to its complimentary „Open Floor” series webinar, „Storytelling for Actuaries.”


About the seminar: 

Discover the art of persuasive storytelling as an actuary. Learn how to start with the 'why’, emotionally connect with your audience, craft compelling narratives, and effectively deliver your message. Emphasize the listener’s role as a hero and master the use of logos, ethos, and pathos to captivate and convince your audience.


About the speaker: 

Paweł Dygas is a risk management, security, and data protection expert working in the insurance and investment sector in Poland. He serves as a board member (CRO) at UNIQA PL Investment, responsible for risk management and ESG. Additionally, he is a department head at UNIQA PL Insurance, overseeing risk management, internal control systems, IT security management, and fraud prevention. Paweł has also gained experience at companies such as KPMG Austria and PZU.

Besides his work in risk management, Paweł is a guest lecturer at various universities and actively participates in organizations like the Polish Insurance Chamber and Insurance Europe, where he focuses on risk management.


When: 26 April 2023 (Wednesday) at 17.00 CET, Zoom meeting (https://zoom.us/j/96853035148). 

Duration: the webinar is expected to last 60-70 minutes, including the Q&A.

Technical remarks:

  • The lecture will be held in English.
  • The lecture will be held as webinar, rather than a meeting, therefore the participants won’t be able to turn on their cameras / microphone and share their screens with other attendees.
  • Questions can be asked via the Q&A box (only answered questions will be visible to all attendees).
  • The webinar is free of charge and no registration is required.
  • The webinar is not recorded.